Frankenstein-ing It

Well, less than a month away and I’m piecing together what’s left of my training. I hope to salvage what I’ve done up to this point and finish strong so that I can give it all I have October 7th.

Last week was finally a week of running more than two times, lol.

Monday I took advantage of the Labor Day holiday and met up with a BTB teammate (who is now running St. George, too!!) early in the morning and got some good miles in. I had 2 miles WU, 2 @ 7:45, and 2 CD and I was very happy to hit the fast paces at 7:34 and 7:43.

Tuesday after work I met up with my local running group for 4 miles. I tried to make it a progressive run and was successful despite it being disrespectful outside.

Wednesday was a rest day.

Thursday sucked. I went out in hopes of another 4, this time easy. But even easy was too much for me and I stopped at 2.5 and walked home. I’d never done that. I’d always finish a run even if I slogged my way. But, I just felt like crap. A foreshadowing of what was to come.

Me text to my husband

Friday rest.

Saturday I planned for 15. I met up with my OG St. George training buddy Ashley at 4 a.m. to get a head start before meeting up with the rest of our group. But about 3 miles in, my stomach did not feel good. At all. I knew we’d passed the gas station where I could’ve stopped and the only option left was to make it back to the start. But at mile 4 I knew I was done. I told Ash to go on and I started walking hoping to appease my stomach. I felt shitty, literally and figuratively.

And I ended up with 5 miles before going home.

Later that evening, I willed myself to go for at the least another 5–which I was able to do feeling better the whole way. So 10 total. Not 15, but something. Which at this point, is better than nothing.

Note the shitty last mile.

Much better…


And that was my week!! I’ve never been so happy for 22.5 miles 😀

–How was your running week?

–Have you had shitty runs? 😉 (Suzy, make me feel better here)



White Flag

Well….you might have guessed it….

I imagined this going differently, but I guess that is life.

I’ll still be running St. George; I’ll likely still try for the BQ–but, it will be without confidence, without expectation, without hope.

The last month has been a whirlwind. My kids both started school for the first time–my daughter in Kindergarten and my son in Pre-school. I went back to work, still teaching, but at a new school in a new district. All of this in the midst of the most rigorous training I’ve ever attempted.

I couldn’t do it. 

And that’s really what it boils down to. I just couldn’t make it happen.

I know that many people have kids, have jobs, have training plans and somehow find a way to fit it all in. I thought I could be one of those people.

But I’m not.

Not right now.

The last couple of weeks have found me running three times a week. Three. Each week I would tell myself that I  would prioritize my runs, each week I wouldn’t.

Last year in August I ran 153 miles. This year, for a “BQ attempt”–84.

After the second week, I e-mailed my coach and told her I was throwing in my white flag. It had nothing to do with her or her workouts. I love her and I love them. I loved the challenge, seeing paces I didn’t think I could..and doing them. But because I wasn’t doing ALL of the workouts, I knew I was only setting myself up for injury.

I’m not sure anymore… what my plans are. I’ll still run St. George, but I won’t be doing CIM. I don’t know if I’ll do Phoenix. I don’t know when my next marathon will be.

What I do know… is that life goes on.

I’ve had some pretty good races in the last year. I think it’s time I took a little break.


Week 6–St. George Marathon Training Recap

Whew!! It was good to unload/whine/complain but now it’s time to move on. Thank you all so much for your support and comments the last week ❤

Monday, July 10th–7 miles: 2 mile WU, 4 miles @7:40, 1 mile CD

I met up with another BQ training buddy (I have quite a few, lol!) for this tempo run. I was a little nervous on how this would go as it was my first run after last week’s Saturday long run debacle. But I said going in that I would just give it my best as that is always all I can do.


Not gonna lie, I was a little bummed when I saw the fourth split but then I figured my second mile fast one kinda evened it out. Whatever makes you feel better, right? Ha!

Tuesday, July 11th–3 miles easy, MYRTLES, stretching

Non-eventful 3 miler on the treadmill while watching HGTV. I did some core work and my myrtles.

Wednesday, July 12th–1.5 mile WU, 3×1 mile @7:40, 2×800 @7:00, CD

Back to the track! It was hot but honestly, you kind of get used to it. And for some reason, it’s been easier for me to run fast in the heat than to run long.

I was so happy with this run. It felt the perfect amount of hard. I was pushed for time on the cool down though and had to skidaddle home.

Thursday, July 13th–Foam roll, stretch

I had all the intentions of doing some strength work buuuut didn’t. I stretched and rolled before bed and that was pretty much it.

Friday, July 14th–5+ easy miles @9:20 avg.

It was nice to meet up with some of my Moms Run This Town ladies for this run. We chatted the whole way and ended with almost 5 and a half miles 🙂

Saturday, July 15th–16 miles @9:30 avg.

4 a.m. start time #zzz

Yes, you read that start time correctly, LOL!!!

Soooo much better than last week. I was a little irritated at first because I realized a mile in that I forgot to start my watch. I had to tell myself to not let that throw off my run as I still had a long ways to go. But then I stopped it when we met up with some other friends and didn’t start it AGAIN!! At that point I just said screw it and told my friend Ashely to send me her stats.

The pace from this run and last week’s wasn’t too far off but I *felt* way better and to me that’s more important. I even finished this one with a fast mile (around 8:40ish) whereas last week I was slogging through the finish.

Celebratory post-run mimosas!

Sunday, July 16th–Glorious Rest


Overall, it was a much better week spirit-wise. I know I chose a fall race which means summer training, I know trying to BQ is hard and not meant to be easy, but I felt like complaining for a little bit–which I feel like I rarely do. It’s okay (right?) to just want to be a baby about some things and then get over it, LOL. I’m over it, and I know I’ll encounter some rough patches again along the way, but I’ll be fine. It wouldn’t be fun if it were easy 🙂

Total miles: 37

–How do you emotionally purge? I usually exercise it away but I think because running was the source, I felt the need to cry instead, lol!