The Comment Turned Blog Post

I have no idea how or when I discovered Suzy’s blog but I thank the heavens above that I did. Her blog is everything I wish mine could be. In all aspects. She’s freaking fast so anytime she writes about her running, I’m green-eyed. She’s an amazing writer in general and super honest. When she writes about real life stuff, I wish I had the cajones to do so on mine. There’s def times I wish I would/could write more about life behind the running. There are moments when I’ll start a post about something non-running related, something that has been inside that needs to get out. And I know ultimately this blog can be about whatever I want….but I always seem to put those posts in the “save” folder and stick to the running topics.

I feel like there should be a picture here between paragraphs.

Suzy and me last January

But when I go visit Suzy’s little corner of the inter webs, I always look forward to her thought provoking posts and the questions at the end because that’s my moment to share with her (and anyone else who comes across my comments, lol!) some of what’s happening in this little ‘ol brain of mine.

Her most recent post ended with these bad boys:

What does your what-for look like, usually? Do you need a smack around today?

What do people usually criticize you about? Is it true, or are they just being jerks? 

If you’re Type A, what are the pros? What are the cons? Would you rather not be a Type A? 

What helps you be more chill, or do you wish you weren’t so relaxed all the time? Do you wish you had more oomph?

And when I started answering, I found I had a lot more to say than what is normal for a comment on someone’s blog. I know Suzy loves me, but I knew she’d probably prefer I call her or text her rather than leave a blog post in her comment section, lol!

People don’t typically criticize me to my face (thankfully, jaja!), but I do know that something that drives my friends and family nuts (and I’m completely self-aware because I criticize myself more than anyone else), is that I’m pretty uptight. I’m very particular, picky, opinionated, and whatever other synonym that means the same or close. Most times, I’m able to keep others from being affected by my…issues…but the other day, I completely vomited an opinion when it was better left in my mouth (or stomach or whatever). It was so unlike me and I immediately apologized, but like any purge, there’s an after taste that lingers for a while.

Suzy’s Type A question kinda relates… My personality thrives on routine and structure so those can be seen as pros. I feel like my success with Hanson’s Marathon Method was largely due to its rigid plan. I like knowing what to expect each day and crossing it off when I was done.

But, life doesn’t work like a Hanson’s Marathon Method training plan. So when I’m thrown a curveball in the structured day I’ve so carefully planned, I get a lot little frustrated. Sometimes I wish was more relaxed and go-with-the-flow, but that’s just not how I’m wired.

What helps me chill is running. My husband, my ying-to-my-yang (i.e. The Calm One), knows that when I’m getting a little anxious about things/life/adulting, I need to run and leave it out on the pavement. I’m able to not let my anxiousness overwhelm me because running allows me to process whatever is going on in my head.

And yet, despite having these often seen as negative traits– actually because of it–that’s where my oomph comes from. While I may not be overly spontaneous, my oomph comes from thinking about things beforehand, putting thought and purpose into everything I do. It’s not an exciting oomph, but I think it’s still pretty emphatic 🙂

How would you answer Suzy’s questions? Where does your oomph come from?

Alright, Let’s Get This BQ Training Party Started!!!

Saturday, April 1st began my first workout with my coach! I’ll talk more about my coach and why I decided to go that route in another post, but for now, the BQ train has begun its 6 month voyage to ST. GEORGE MARATHON!!!

I laced up my special edition Boston Marathon Newton Fates and joined a friend for an early 8 miler on Saturday. I’d had these shoes in my closet for over year–telling myself then that I’d only bring them out when I decided to train for a Boston Qualifier. A year ago, I *never* thought I’d attempt it. I seriously can’t believe that I’m signed up to actually try for it!

Eye on the Prize


I hope you join me on this crazy, new journey!! I’ll be documenting my workouts and commitment to healthier eating (OMG) here and hope that having this blog/outlet helps with accountability.


Somewhere in the middle of caring and not caring

March has been interesting. It’s the first month where I’ve not been actively training for something. NYC Marathon training started last July and I’ve pretty much been going non-stop since.

I knew after Phoenix Marathon last month though, I was ready for a break.

At the same time, I’m super excited to get started on BQ training, so I was hesitant to do absolutely nothing during my recovery month.

Some days, I’ve been motivated to run and strength train but honestly, most days other days I’ve simply eaten all the things.

I’m surprised I even reached 50 miles this month. Most have been “easy” and some have been an attempt to run fast, lol. I have a half marathon at the end of April that for a moment, I contemplated attempting a PR (it’s flat, super local, and a fun race) but my heart isn’t into training for that. I have Boston Qualifying on the brain.

So that’s why I don’t care so much about not caring. I was due a stress-free month, and I needed this little break to prep for my BQ attempt at St. George. It’s funny that the first day of April is registration, though. Once March is over, the fun begins again. 😀

–How long, if at all, do you take breaks from running? 

–What do you do to maintain fitness on your running breaks?